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From: (John R Levine)
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.telecom
Subject: Re: 1+ as a toll indicator (was: desirable numbers)
Date: 24 Dec 2000 14:59:56 -0500

> In states that do not prohibit IXCs (that would normally be
> interLATA carriers) from completing intrastate intraLATA calls, the
> CAC would be used without 1+NPA if the dialing plan required 7
> digits be dialed to complete the call to a neighboring exchange.

I can report from experience that's true.  I live in a place where
LATA lines don't match area code lines, and I can dial intra-LATA
local, intra-LATA toll, and inter-LATA toll calls all with seven
digits.  (In some nearby towns, they can dial inter-LATA local calls
with seven digits as well.)  I can dial 1010XXX-7D to force calls to a
particular IXC if I want to.  Dunno if I can force local calls to an
IXC, probably not.

It appears that most of the US by land area use toll alerting, 1+
before all toll calls, for some definition of toll call, but the
places without toll alerting include New York, Chicago, Los Angeles,
Philadelpia, and their metro areas so by population more people don't
have toll alerting than do.

I can also report that this is a major religious issue--people who
live in areas with toll alerting are sure that in its absence the
world would end (or something close to it) and they'd all be living in
cardboard boxes, bankrupted by unintended toll calls.  People who live
in areas without toll alerting don't have those problems, don't have
to memorize what numbers need 1+ in order to make phone calls, and
generally don't understand what the big deal about toll alerting is.

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