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Subject: Hitlerjugend
Date: 20 Dec 1998

There have been a number of postings about the Hitler Youth under the
heading of "Hitler."  Many of them contain inaccuracies.  I am hoping that
I do not add to the confusion by posting the following from my files:


The Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) had four branches:=20
	The Jungvolk           		for boys age 10 - 14
	The "senior" Hitler Youth     	for boys 14-18
	The Jungmaedel                  for girls   10 - 14
	The Bund Deutscher Maedel (BdM) for girls 14 - 18

The "senior" Hiler Youth also had several specialty units.  Among them
were aviation and naval groups.  There might have been others.

	1922	Mar 18	The NSDAP announces the formation of a
			  Youth League, to be under the supervision
			  of the SA.
	1923	Jan 28    First public appearance at the Parteitag in
			  Munich of the Jungsturm Adolf Hitler.
	1926	Jul 3	  At the second Parteitag of the NSDAP,
			  held in Weimar, the Hitlerjugend is founded
			  under the leadership of Kurt Gruber with
			  headquarters in Plauen.
	1927	Aug 19	NSDAP Parteitag in Nuremberg (ends Aug
			  27).  Hitlerjugend participates for the first
			  time, with 300 members.
	1928		  It is reported that the Hitlerjugend has
			  13,000 members in  450 units.
	1930	Jul	  The Bund Deutscher Maedel (BdM) is
			  absorbed into the Hitlerjugend.=09
	1931	Oct 30	 The Office of Reichsjugendfuehrer is
			  created, with Baldur von Schirach as its
			  head.  He reports to the chief of staff of the
			  SA, Ernst Roehm.
	1933	Jan 30	  Hitler is called to be the German chancellor
			  by president  Paul von Hindenburg
	1936	Jan 12	  The Hitlerjugend is declared the state youth
			  organization.  All  other youth       =09
			  organizations, including Pfadfinder (boy
			  scouts) and  religious youth groups, are
			  banned.  An appeal to all 10-year olds to
			  join results in 87% compliance.
	1939	Mar 25	Law is passed to make membership in the
			  Hitlerjugend compulsory  for all males and
			  females, ages 10 - 18.
	1943	Feb 15	The eleventh grade of some highschools are
			  drafted into auxiliary service with
			  antiaircraft batteries.  These boys continue
			  to receive school instructions and
			  technically are sponsored by the
			  Hitlerjugend in national service.  They are
			  not soldiers in the Wehrmacht.
	1944	Oct 18	 The Volkssturm is created.  It is a militia of
			  males ages 15 - 60 and is headed by
			  Heinrich Himmler.
	1945	May 8	  Hostilities end in Europe with the
			  unconditional surrender of Germany.

The above information has been gleaned from various sources, mostly books,
and is secondary.  It may contain inaccuracies.  If there are any, please
call them to my attention.  Thank you.

HeinzA  --  (Heinz Altmann)
"As hard as I try to be sensitive and politically correct, I can't avoid
bumping my way into boorish opinions, thus offending those who are truly
enlightened." - Mike Royko

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