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From: (Steve Harris
Subject: Re: urinary tract parasite or bacteria
Date: 22 Mar 2004 19:53:05 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Did you have it cultured? Culture of seminal fluid is sometime
necessary. The most common cause of epidydimitis and prostatitis is
plain old E. coli. Other STD bugs can also do it. But they are very
hard to kill once it gets into the prostate, due to the blood prostate
barrier. It sometimes takes months of antibiotics, and people run out
of patience. The new doctors figure that anything that can't be killed
with cipro or one of the new fancy quinalones is not worth working on.

The old gold standard prostatis treatment was 200 mg of
Trimpex(trimethoprim) and 100 mg minocycline, twice a day for 3
months. Trimethoprim is one component of Bactrim/Septra-- the one that
gets into prostate best. Minocycline is far better at this than
tetracycline, as well.


"inabadway" <> wrote in message

> Chronic urethritis, cystitis, epidydimitis, prostatitis lasting 8 months.
> Sharp stabbing pains followed by dull ache for several days, followed by a
> period of feeling fine. Some minor discharge. Strangely I can have pain in
> my bladder and none in testicles, then in a space of 10 minutes have it
> reversed to pain in testicles and bladder feels 100% fine. It was sexually
> transmitted, the girl has similar symptoms. Doesn't respond at all to:
> tetracycline
> doxycycline
> ciprofloxacin
> metronidazole
> ampicillin
> Several chlamydia tests and urine cultures negative. Doctors advice is to
> give it time, after 8 months it's getting worse and I'm done giving it time.
> My thoughts are mycoplasma but I can't get a test done for it in my area and
> no doctor's have any knowledge of it. Now I'm wondering if it could be
> parasitic because of the semi-cyclical nature of the pain? Are there
> parasites that can infect the urinary tract like this?
> I'm going to ask for a cystoscopy, what else can I have done?

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