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From: "Steve Harris" <>
Newsgroups: sci.chem,,
Subject: Re: What's in "Splenda" sweetener?
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 14:40:22 -0800
Message-ID: <b0n6jg$mrn$>

Eric Bohlman wrote in message ...
>Jonathan Silverlight <> wrote in
>> Am I right in thinking that aspartame is a problem if you have PKU?
>Yes, though I think more so in children than adults (IIRC, children with
>PKU have to eliminate phenyalanine completely, whereas adults can tolerate
>a little more since the main concern is the effect on the developing


Look, Einstein, pheyllalanine is an essential amino acid. Obviously any
child who got NONE of it would die. So the trick is in a growing kid with
PKU is to get enough phenylalanine for growth (14 mg/kg/day), but not too
much (somewhere upward of 20 mg/kg/day). Notice that the toxic amount is
only about 50% more than the required amount, and that's what makes the
disease tricky.

However. The amount of phenylalanine in any amount of Nutrasweet any kid
would realistically ingest (100 mg in a 12 can of diet soda), is a fraction
of the amount of phenylalanine which any growing kid (with PKU or not) needs
to stay alive and grow (a 40 kg kid needs 14x40 = 560 mg a day). That being
true, you will now realize that the flap about NutraSweet needing to be
labeled for phenylketonurics is somewhat of a piece of hysteria. There's
about as much of the stuff in a can of diet soda as there is in 2 ounces of
milk. But hysterics sometimes have a lot of political power, which is why
diet soda is labeled as though it was death food for phenylketonurics, but
milk isn't.


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