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From: B. Harris)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.research,sci.astro,sci.math,sci.physics,
Subject: Re: Mars GS and Cydonia
Date: 29 Mar 1998 08:29:23 GMT

In <> Lawrence Foard <>
>Peter Nelson wrote:
>> Yes - to the fruitcakes who insist there's a "face"
>> on Mars.    The MGS images can't come soon enough
>> for me.  They will show that this "face" is nothing
>> more than a random jumble of rocks and we'll be rid
>> of nutcases like Angel Garcia who post their nonsense
>> on these newsgroups.

   And all due to the fact that humans, being social animals, have a
bunch of extra circuits for recognizing and seeing small differences in
faces and facial expressions.  So we see faces everywhere.

   We make that circuitry serve us, BTW, when we recognize counterfeit
currency.  Tests showed that people were best of all at telling small
differences in the PORTRAITS on bills.  And that, basically, is why
your new bills have bigger and better faces-- they did better in the
forgery detection tests.  That's the connection between that new stuff
that looks like monopoly money, the man in the moon, and the face on
Mars.  Today's trivia.

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