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From: "Steve Harris" <>
Subject: Re: BIG MEDIA covers Modafinil (and future Transhuman implications)
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 16:30:51 -0700
Message-ID: <afaugv$ill$>

tintinet wrote in message
> (lad) wrote in message
>> From Wash. Post:
>> "...As with an increasing number of the so-called superhuman,
>> posthuman or trans-human drugs or genetic manipulations rapidly
>> entering our lives, modafinil thus calls into question some
>> fundamental underpinnings of hundreds of thousands of years of thought
>> regarding what are normal human capabilities...."
>> Covers military, civil, phamalogical and social implications -
>> interspersed w/ subjective experiences from the reporter.
>> (better stock up on this stuff - it's gonna go out the door after
>> everyone reads about it in the Paper!)

Yeah, and I've already had one bipolar patient go manic-psychotic on it. I
warned her after she wigged out on diet pills, then thyroid, then
bupropion/Welbutrin (none of which she got from me): "No uppers for you,
ever again."  What did she do? See some shrink complaining about this and
that and daytime sleepiness, and get labeled adult ADD. Was told modafanil
isn't an upper. Perfectly safe. Hah.

This stuff is in the Panacea Phase now. Next, the Pandora Plague Phase. Wait
and see if we ever get to the Perfectly Pedestrian Pharmaceutical Phase.

Not long ago I had somebody suggest to me that bupropion couldn't be too bad
because it wasn't a controlled substance.  Well, neither was GHB, in 1990.
You could get it as a nutritional supplement in most health food stores.
Now, it's schedule C-I, just like LSD and heroin, and that happened in just
a dozen years.  All it takes is a little media attention, following which we
get abuser attention, following which we get more media attention, and off
we go into the vicious circle. The only thing Modafinil has going for it is
that they'll never succeed in smearing it as a date-rape drug.


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