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From: Steve Harris <>
Subject: Re: The Scientific Basis of Chronic Disease Has Been Found.
Date: 22 Aug 2005 17:24:16 -0700
Message-ID: <>

montygram wrote:
> The interview below is a must read.

This article is a piece of nonsense. It's the old Peter Duesberg "AIDS
is not caused by HIV" theory, except with a new doofus German as a
stand-in for Duesberg.

FYI, Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) is caused by the 8th member of the human
herpes viruses, called naturally enough HHV-8. Other members are the
viruses that cause cold sores, CMV, and mononucleosis. All are
carcinogenic, to some degree.

HHV-8 is transmitted by the fecal-oral route, like polio. Also like
polio, most people have no symptoms from HHV-8, unless they become
immunosuppressed. Here, HHV-8 has great similarities with the other
herpes viruses, which infect the host over a lifetime, but cause few
symptoms except in the immunosuppressed host (transplant KS being an
example). HHV-8 infection rates go from 3% in the US to 50% in areas of
poor hygeine (remember the fecal-oral transmission) in Africa. But
actual cases of KS are always only the tip of the iceberg of HHV-8
infections, because it takes HHV-8 infection AND immune problems to
produce KS

In gay men, HHV-8 infection rates are even higher than Africa, which
explains the early mystery of why KS was often seen with AIDS in gay
men, but NOT nearly as frequently in other AIDS groups
(transfusion-AIDS, hemophilia-factor AIDS, AIDS in Western children, and
in women). Duesberg and Kremer ascribe gay-male KS to gay male use of
nitrates and other drugs (like the good natural hygiene nazis these
guys are). But not surprisingly KS IS a big feature of African AIDS
(men, women, and children) in the same places that HHV-8 and some KS
was endemic before the comming of HIV. In those places, even
HIV-infected children develop KS which is identical to that seen in
American gay men. But they do it without access to any of the drugs
which Duesberg blames gay KS on.

> NOTE: Generally speaking, when scientists talk about things like
> protons and electrons, they are on the right track.

COMMENT: When "scientists" talk about faked viral tests and huge
international conspiracies to track infections that really aren't
there, you know they have gone round the bend, mentally. Huge
international conspiracies do not work. Somebody always talks.

People like these natural-hygiene-nutty Germans: Duesberg, Kremer,
Lanka, and Mathias Rath, have done, and are doing, great damage in
Africa by telling African governments that the spread of HIV virus is
not what is behind the new epidemic of AIDS. This only hurts. HIV
cannot be cured, and in Africa it cannot even be treated. But its
spread can be partly prevented by use of condoms and widespread testing
(also short-term use of antivirals by HIV-positive mothers about to
give birth), and the Germans referenced here are confusing the hell out
of people in a place where education isn't that good anyway. And they
are doing here on the internet, too.

If you want the truth about these guys, I modestly recommend my own
article. It's dated, but because it's mostly historical, it has stood
up amazingly well.


> Web Link to the below interview:
> >
> "We are Biological Hermophrodites in the Evolutionary Scheme of Life"
> Interview by Hans Jochim Ehlers (Raum + Zeit) with Heinrich Kremer,
> M.D., on AIDS and cancer.


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