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From: "Steve Harris" <>
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,,fr.soc.complots,,
Subject: Re: Your $200,000 Body
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 20:17:27 -0700
Message-ID: <bgv4qr$4c7$>

"Quintal" <> wrote in message
> Of course, the physicians don't want to pay you anything for this
> because it would cut into their profits. They want you to give them your
> corpse for free so that they can sell its various parts for a profit.
> Corneas, skin, tendons, kidneys, bone and anything else that they can
> transplant into victims of disease and accident are carefully chopped
> out of your corpse and either used immediately or frozen like cod fish
> for later use. Frozen human tissue up to two years old can often be
> successfully sewn and stapled into living patients.

So far as I know, the only living tissue that can be
preserved by freezing and used after that long, is bone
marrow. And it's not sewn or stapled in, because it's a

We only wish preservation of other tissues by freezing was
that easy.

A lot of profit is made by various folks from donated
tissues, but most of the money for the issue itself (ie,
what the recipient pays to get it) is not made by
physicians. Rather, it goes to the transplant organizations
(like the Red Cross) who do all the tests, checking,
matching, freezing, collection, and so on.

I think it would be good if some of the money went to the
donor's family, but they've carefully made that illegal.
Selling body parts and tissues tends to encourage lying
about medical and infectious disease history, which is not a
good thing. They found that out with plasma selling. But
because they can sterilize plasma, they still buy it.


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