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From: "Steve Harris" <>
Subject: Re: It's official: Masturbating good for men's health!!!
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 19:52:00 -0700
Message-ID: <bfkt8h$sei$>

"Dr. Zarkov" <> wrote in message
> IIRC, Clinton forced Elders out for an even more cowardly reason--She
> had the guts to suggest that we should at least *look into* legalizing
> or decriminalizing drugs--something that nearly every sensible person
> has been saying for years.


Ah yes. This is the Clinton who, fortunately for him, wasn't
caught when he was trying to inhale that doobee, or
otherwise his political career would have ruined.

This is the Clinton who claimed drug laws saved his
brother's life. But who, of course, didn't want his brother
to have the inconvenience of a criminal conviction drug
record, so presidentially pardoned him. And who forced
Elders out, as you say.

This, the Clinton who allowed several long time military men
to have their careers ruined and pensions wiped out by
courts martial for adultery (still a military crime). But
who saught "forgiveness" from the American people when he,
when head of the armed forces, did the same.

It's actually not the drugs and the adultery that bother me
so much about Clinton as his complete narcissism. His
assumption that the rules should apply to other people,
possibly because other people aren't Rhodes scholars or
governors or special, like he always thought he was. The
complete lack of compassion for people caught in the same
witchhunts that he, as a "new democrat"* helped prosecute.
Rules which he, behind the scenes, flaunted with the best of

*New democrats are like old democrats, except for their
special love of incarcerating young poor men.

Women loved Clinton. God knows why. He wasn't just a good
but weak man. He was a complete hypocritical asshole. Proof
positive that so long as a man can retain his formal social
political standing, women really don't give a flying *&%$
what they are really like. If they have, and retain power,
they're sexy.

Yawk. Yech.


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