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From: Gale McMillan <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Getting it together-----
Date: 9 May 1999 22:44:16 -0400

Since there is no absolutes when it comes to guns I am just giving my opinion.
When you are building a world record setting rifle then you do every thing
in your power to come up with any thing that may pull a .001 of of group
size.If your goal is to have a shooter that will shoot well enough to have
fun with then all the little things we do may well be a waste of money.
It does little for the ego to reduce the group size from 1.25 to 1.125.
I have seen rifles shot in competition that could not have been more wrong
if you set out to do every thing possible to make it not shoot and you
couldn't beat them! One in particular was a heavy varmint BR rifle that
was bedded so badly that the action was sprung bad enough that the bolt
was binding so badly you could hardly work it and the lug s were so out
of square that one still had the bluing on. I had that rifle beat me on
several occasions. To blue print a action is a big expense unless you are
able to do it your self and when you do you should go all the way. So much
of the things that have come to be the expected standard of good work started
with trying to get that last .001 off the group size and because the rifle
shot well it was accepted as the thing to do with out real proof that that
particular item helped at all. I wish I had all the money wasted on things
that don't do a thing for accuracy. The 3 Bs are the prime factors in accuracy.
Bullets, Bedding and Barrel those are where you should start .In that order.

Gale McMillan

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