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From: Doug Gwyn <>
Subject: Re: MD State Carry permits
Organization: U.S. Army Ballistic Research Lab, APG MD.

In article <rwooden.760545569@access2> (Richard Wooden) writes:
#I went to my local police barrack to get a carry permit app. and came to
#the conclusion that it is impossible (or VERY difficult) to get one in MD.

Having been through the process not too long ago, I can confirm that.
Even though you provide the nonstandard-size photos, references, have
an unblemished record, get fingerprinted, act responsibly during the
interview, etc. eventually it comes down to somebody in the handgun
permitting section of the MD State Police deciding whether you have
what THEY will allow is a "sufficient reason" to carry a weapon.  *If*
you carry large sums of money, or work as a security guard, etc. the
odds are you will pass that criterion.  Otherwise, there is virtually
no chance you will be approved.  For personal protection, you must
*document* that *you specifically* are at substantially greater risk
than other citizens.  Unless you have previously filed police reports
of threats against your life, or can produce news reports of frequent
violence in your neighborhood, your application will likely be denied.
There are two methods of appeal, one informal and one formal, but they
will only change a denial if you produce documentation as indicated
above.  The (polite) officers in my informal appeal noted that their
higher-ups were concerned about SP liability should somebody issued
a permit later wrongfully use his weapon.  (I can't say there's no
potential liability problem in today's litigous society, but that's
not a good reason to put citizens in jeopardy.)  What it comes down to
is that the permitting process follows a SP-determined policy that
is enabled by the "shows good and sufficient reason" clause of the law.
Kelly's HB 9 would remove the application of SP policy in this regard.

From: "Douglas A. Gwyn" <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: CCW in Maryland?
Date: 7 Aug 2000 19:59:49 -0400

CJPMurphy wrote:
# What's Maryland's record on approving CCW permits?

They will happily take your application money before denying
you the permit.  The official policy is that you have to
*document* a special need to possess the pistol, and the
permit will be for just the times and places matching the
documented requirement.  Unease over the local criminal
environment is not considered grounds for issuance, unless
you can document several recent assaults in your very
neighborhood (and even then you might not get the permit).
If it is a job requirement, generally you can get the
permit (although it will be limited to carry while on that

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