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From: (J.D. Baldwin)
Newsgroups: chi.general,chi.politics,alt.politics.libertarian,
Subject: Re: [concealcarry] Chicago Flight Attendant Arrested
Date: 24 Aug 1999 20:42:20 GMT

In article <7pr1hm$ko7$>, Jude Crouch
<> wrote:
> > But your "how dare you ... !" statement is extremely interesting.
> > Why exactly does a federal law enforcement officer deserve to live
> > more than you or me?  I'd really like to hear a further explanation
> > of this one.
> A law enforcement officer carries a weapon for more than personal
> protection.  They are putting their lives on the line TO enforce the
> law.

Not when off duty.  So why do they retain the right to carry even

And this crap about "putting their lives on the line" is wearing thin.
I respect law enforcement officers because their job is dirty,
unpleasant, boring, (somewhat) underpaid and (mostly) extremely
necessary.  But not because it's particularly risky.  *Farming* is
riskier to life and limb than law enforcement in the US.  You could
look it up.

As someone who spent a great deal of time serving his country in a
*truly* dangerous job (ObClue: try decoding the ASCII art in my .sig),
I chafe a bit at this stuff about how LEO's deserve self-defense
because they're taking all these extraordinary risks all the time.  It
just ain't so.

> Their needs are clearly different.

Not when off duty.  So why do they retain the right to carry even

> There is nothing that prevents you from getting all of the rights of
> a Federal LEO, just apply.

Wrong again.  Like the vast majority of American citizens, I am
completely ineligible for such a job.  I would have no more chance of
being considered, even momentarily, for such a job than if I applied
to be the Secretary of Agriculture.  I'd explain why, but the matter
is really irrelevant.  I shouldn't have to sign on for the task of
actively enforcing the laws in order to "earn" my right to self-
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