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From: (Doug White)
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: This oughta spark some debate:  Blind guy with a handgun
Date: 2 May 1998 15:54:31 -0400

In article <6idanb$>, (Caress) wrote:
#I have no criminal record,  never been mentally ill,  am a U.S. Citizen
#and I don't use drugs.  But I am "legally"  blind;  I see only the
#central 7 degrees of visual field (most people see a total of around 160
#degrees with both eyes).  With a .22 pistol,  I am accurate up to about
#25 feet.
#        My family "went ballistic" (pun intended) when they discovered I
#am interested in shooting for sport.  Some gun shooting friends of mine
#even suggested I should carry a derringer-type "belly gun" for self-
#defense,  as long as I could safely acquire a target.
#        The issue here isn't Constitutional;  I KNOW that I have the
#right to keep and bear, even if I am considered "blind" under the law.
#But I wonder what you all think about safety issues,  etc.  Am I nuts to
#want to learn to safely fire a handgun?
#        Permits to carry concealed are NEVER given in my town (pop.
#25,000;  only THREE non-police permits currently in existence).  I am
#however at a defensive disadvantage (because of my eyesight) and feel
#that perhaps a concealed belly gun might not be a bad idea.
#Let me know what you think.

The guy who was the Junior Varsity Coach and team gunsmith at MIT for
many years lost most of his vision from glaucoma.  He now has extreme
tunnel vision is one eye as you describe, and is legally blind, complete
with a folding white cane.  He has the advantage of being a crack shot
before his vision went, but he can still shoot well.

He lives in Boston, and every five years he needs to renew his carry
permit.  This requires going down to the police range on Moon Island and
shooting.  The requirements aren't too tough, I think you shoot 30 shots
at 7 yards on a large silhouette target.  Passing score is 175 out of 300
(police have to shoot a 150 or better, which is scary).

A number of years ago, he showed up at the range, shot a 295 or so and
got all his paperwork approved.  Once he was sure he had all the required
signatures, he unfolded his white cane & tapped his way out of the range,
followed by screams from the range officer.  There was nothing they could
do, particularly because he could obviously shoot better than anyone else

Go for it!

Doug White

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