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From: Gale McMillan <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: What is the relationship between Barrel Thickness and Multiple 
	shot accuracy?
Date: 5 Jul 1998 17:09:39 -0400

NickfromMS wrote:
# Thicker barrels result in stiffer barrels. That's why varmit barrels are
# generally thicker. Unless you are shooting under a minute of angle for score I
# wouldn't worry about the heat of a barrel for a second or even third shot. On
# game, you will never know the difference. Besides, if you can't hit it with 3
# shots, you need to quit anyway.
# Nick

In years long gone the barrel steel was aged by leaving it out in the
elements for several years but there was no thought to stress relieving.
So the thicker the barrel the better it shoot. When the new homogenized
steels that were stress relieved before and after the barrel was made,
made that an old wives tale. The rifle that holds the worlds record for
the smallest group ever fired in any form of competition had a barrel
that was barely 3/4 inch at the muzzle. If you are ever in Phoenix come
by the shop and I will show it to you.

Gale McMillan

From: Gale McMillan <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Bull Barrels On .22's
Date: 25 Apr 1999 13:48:39 -0400

In the early days before stress relieving a bull barrel would shoot better
because it took more rounds to heat the barrel enough that the stresses
would change the point of impact. With today's steels it no longer is needed
and in fact the rifle that holds the world record 100 yd. group only has
a .75 muzzle. The only reason for a bull barrel today is to keep the barrel
from heating to an unacceptablee leavel so that erosion isn't accelerated.

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