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From: Gale McMillan <>
Newsgroups: rec.guns
Subject: Re: Glocks and Lead bullets
Date: 27 Jul 1999 21:36:05 -0400

Bill the Cat wrote:
# Plus P Inc <> wrote in message
# news:7mr57p$2bd$
# | If you reload to reasonable velocity and use good lead you will never have a
# | problem. Let the legends die please. It is just a gun.
# |
# Just a gun you say?  Was Thor's hammer just a carpenters tool?
# Was the thunderbolts of Zeus just Direct Current ?  Nay, I say, Glock is
# not just a 'gun'!
# If you bury a gun in mud, does it not lock up forever?
# If you store a gun for months in the ocean, does it not disintegrate?
# If you shoot tens of thousands of rounds through a gun, does it not wear
# out?
# Not if it is a Glock it doesn't!
# Is it nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous onetime gun rag
# writers or by opposing, silence them?
# Yes, Virginia, Glock lives in the hearts and minds of all decerning hand
# gun owners!

If you have ever tried to lap a polygonal barrel you will have a
better understanding why lead bullets and Glocks don't get along well. Its
the nature of a polygonal barrel that soft lead wants to skid across the
rifling and lock up. with a bullet it will actually shear the lead causing
high pressure.  The harder the lead the less the problem. If you haven't
had trouble just be patient.
Gale McMillan

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