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From: (E. Michael Smith)
Newsgroups: rec.pyrotechnics
Subject: Re: Naptha
Message-ID: <>
Date: 4 May 93 18:10:16 GMT

In article <> (bill nelson) writes:
> (Alan Yasutovich) writes:
>: 	Does anyone know of any purpose/use for naptha?
>: 	My father has a gallon jug in his basement.  He claims
>: 	it was used for old blow torches.
>It was used in the old blow torches.  I have one - a rather interesting
>piece of equipment.
>Naptha is also known as lighter fluid - the kind used in "Zippos".

Also, take a look at a can of Coleman Camp Fuel...

Naptha is, substantially, gasoline without any additives and with a
lousy vapor presure (gross generalization...).  It pings like hell
and may lead to vapor lock in a gasoline engine, but when mixed
with naphthalene moth balls (an octane booster) works OK at modest
temperatures (i.e. don't drive in the desert...)

(How do I know?  'Cause I did it ... Coleman Camp fuel {aka Naptha}
was the only thing that could get my Honda to ping, which I needed
it to do so I could test the octane boosting ability of the moth balls...)


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