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From: "Barry L. Ornitz" <>
Subject: Re: rosin flux = vaseline? flux remover = rubbing alcohol?
Date: 14 Jan 1999

muddy wrote in message <>...
>Acetone fumes is also fairly to majorly harmful to breath in large or
>repeated small amount.  Make very sure the area you do your mixing, and
>cleaning in is well ventilated.

Acetone is not nearly as toxic as muddy imagines.  A person can drink about
50 milliliters without much danger (but you have a HELL of a hangover).
Acetone has been removed from the SARA 313 list of hazardous materials
because its safety has been demonstrated for many years.  The toxicity of
acetone is slightly less than isopropanol, in fact, and certainly less than
methanol.  Still, you should use it with proper ventilation and care.  It
has a very high vapor pressure and a low flash point, however, so one
should be especially careful not to use it around flame or sparks.

The human body destroys acetone quite effectively.  In fact, diabetics
usually have detectable amounts on their breath at all times.  I would not
have suggested acetone for this use without considering its safety and low

        Dr. Barry L. Ornitz

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