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From: John De Armond
Newsgroups: rec.outdoors.rv-travel
Subject: Re: RV graphic removal
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 03:17:16 -0400

IMPELJR wrote:

> I have a 12 year old Gulfstream MH and the graphics on the sides
> have badly deteriorated (weathered) on the sunny side they have actually
> shrunk and alligator'ed and look terrible. I would like to remove and replace
> them. Does anyone know how to remove them so I can start over? What do you
> think about spray painting new ones?
> The sides are fiberglass. I have tried gentle heat to remove them
> but it is tedious and not very effective. Also tried mineral spirits,
> acetone, goo-gone, and oven cleaner to not much avail.
> So if you know of some magic product that can help to remove them
> I'd really appreciate it. Hoping for an answer.
> Joe
> Salem, CT

Check your yellow pages for the nearest sign supply company.  There
are a wide variety of tools and chemicals for this that sign guys
use.  My experience, and that echoed in the sign trade magazines I
get, is that a heat gun and a plastic putty knife is hard to beat.
The trick is to lift the edge of the decal with the knife while
heating vigorously.  Once you have the edge of the decal where you
can get a grip on it, heat right in front of the parting line while
pulling perpendicular to the surface.  Care must be taken not to
overheat the paint and blister it.  Once the decal is off, there are
several types of chemicals to remove the residual adhesive.  For
really stubborn situations, 3M makes a wheel that mounts in a drill
motor and buffs off the decal.  This is a LOT of work!  Be aware too
that the pattern of the decal will remain as unfaded paint.

Some of these supplies can also be bought at auto parts stores that
cater to auto body shops.  But dealing with vinyl decals is
bread'n'butter for sign shops so you'll come more likely finding the
supplies on the shelf at a sign supply warehouse.


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