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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: Painting light bulbs red?
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 22:22:40 -0500

"Michael A. Covington" wrote:
> I know this is an odd pair of newsgroups, but... are there paints available
> that can be applied to a miniature incandescent bulb to color it red?
> I'm an amateur astronomer.  I often go to observing sessions where white
> light is prohibited, since it would ruin people's night vision.  But when
> I'm getting equipment out of my minivan (Dodge Caravan, 1995) or loading it
> back in, I'd like some dim red illumination, which is OK because it doesn't
> harm night vision.

Krylon now makes a line of transparent color paints that are sold in
hobby stores to make fake stained glass.  Hobby Lobby is the store
in my area that carries it.  I use it to obtain colors not normally
possible in neon by painting the tubing.  Works great.  Probably
take several coats for what you want to do.

If you can't find that, automotive candy apple paint also works.  I
use the SEM brand of tint.  This is a concentrated dye that is added
to the clear base of the paint process of your choice.  Acrylic
enamel works fine for glass.  I apply it with an air brush.  A can
of dye is about $35.  I get mine from the local store that caters to
auto painters.

A final option that would be the most permanent and easy to move
from bulb to bulb would be a short hunk of colored glass tubing.
Ruby red neon tubing would do the trick.  The largest normally
available is 15mm OD with about a 1 mm wall thickness.  If your bulb
would fit inside this tubing, it would do the trick, especially if
you can get your friendly local neon bender to close the end.  If
you can't find a local neon bender, contact me directly.  I might be
able to help you.


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