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From: (Jobst Brandt)
Newsgroups: rec.bicycles.misc
Subject: Re: Tip for carrying spare tube
Date: 13 Sep 2000 20:18:08 GMT

anonymous writes anonymously as he probably should:

> This may not be anything new to you, but I thought I'd put this idea
> out for anyone who hasn't already thought of it.

> A spare tire tube can be wrapped around the handlebar stem and
> fastened with a shoelace.  That's all.  Simple, but it's gotten me
> out of a couple of jams!

And it can get you into an even larger jam if the tube shakes out from
under the lace or the lace opens.  An inner tube falling onto the
front or rear wheel can, and has jammed in a wheel to cause a crash,
usually then when vibration is the greatest, at max speed.  A loosely
tied sweater around the waist is another rear wheel stopper.  That's
why one should always tie the sleeves behind ones back so the body of
the sweater lies in ones lap.  That way it will not fall into the back
wheel even if it comes undone.

Jobst Brandt      <>

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