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Subject: Re: Thin washer with new cassette?
Message-ID: <c_Tva.13748$>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 21:03:04 GMT

Ryan Cousineau writes:

>>> I just bought an HG-70 (105) 8v 13-26 cassette. It included a very
>>> thin washer or spacer (I didn't measure it, but think 0.1 mm or
>>> so) which was between the lockring and the 13t cog.

>>> What is this? Am I actually supposed to leave it there when I put
>>> this cassette on?

>> Washers are to prevent the bolt (=lockring) from loosening itself
>> due to vibration.  That's the purpose of this one too.  Why would
>> you leave it out?

> I've never seen a cassette with such a washer (between the lockring
> and the small cog) before.  Both the lockring and the small cog have
> very distinctive teeth cut into them, and it looked like the washer
> would interfere with the mating of those teeth.

The same question occurred to me when I changed the sprockets on a
cassette hub.  The washer is made of soft steel and deforms only
slightly if the locknut is tightened forcefully.  I tossed it out
because it negates the function of the face spline on nut and last
sprocket.  Retention of the locknut is reduced by this washer and I
suspect that was the intention, because people could not remove the
locknut, many not having the special tool to do so.  Using a
screwdriver to do this is possible with the soft washer in place.

I found the splined lock nut a great invention when it was introduced,
removing the need for great force with an ungainly "chain whip" to
unscrew the smallest sprocket that formerly acted as locknut.

Jobst Brandt
Palo Alto CA

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