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Subject: Re: Power Bar replacement
Message-ID: <dHZhc.7677$>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 00:46:01 GMT

Andrew Price writes:

>> Is there any good commercial substitutes for Powerbars without nuts?

> I've been pretty happy with dried fruit esp figs, apples, dates and
> pineapple in a sealable plastic bag.

> They are easy to digest and you feel them cut in about 15 minutes
> later - no wrappers, no waste

If you are interested in "power" which is sugar, try Medjool Dates,
available at most Grocery stores.  They are rapidly digestible, taste
good and can be eaten without washing them down as Power Bars that I
see as artificial cardboard soaked in black strap molasses.  The Power
Bar stand at the InterBike show, in contrast to Cliff Bars, always has
water to wash them down because they cause dry mouth, because they are
neither tasty enough to elicit salivation nor do they contain
sufficient moisture to be eaten without flushing.

Don't miss a "date shake" at China Ranch.  It's real and delicious.

Jobst Brandt

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