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Subject: Re: Bad creaking from crank
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2001 19:10:56 GMT

Scott Boje writes:

> My new bike has developed a nasty creaking sound from the cranks (or
> inside).  The bike is only 3 days old.  The folks at the bike shop
> made sure everything was tight, but said they couldn't tear it down
> till next week.  Any idea what would be creaking?  It is induced
> from pedaling.

Assuming the shop is reasonably competent, you might look for the
classic mystery spots, one of which is oiling the derailleur cables
where they make the bend at the BB.  Forceful pedaling causes fretting
motions between cables and guides that sound like frame failure at
times.  Another place is between pedal and shoe.  Squirt some water
from your water bottle on the underside of the shoes when in the
pedals and see if the sound is affected.

> Would you ride the bike, or wait for repairs?

I don't know what "repairs" would entail other than checking crank
bolts and pedal tightness.  This is something you can do yourself.
I'm not clear on what sort of cranks these are.  If they are old style
square taper BB style, don't re-tighten them once you've checked them
because these can become over tight by repeated adjustment and split
in half.  Do it yourself and ride.  This "tear down" sounds like a
smoke screen.  There is nothing to tear down.

> I'm wondering if my weight (230) is an issue. The crankset is 105.

Weight only amplifies whatever is wrong.  It's not the cause.

Jobst Brandt    <>

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