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Subject: Re: High humidity and cotton
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Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 02:30:03 GMT

>> I think the synthetics are far superior when you ride in hilly or
>> mountainous areas.  A cotton shirt will get sopping wet on your way
>> up the hill, leaving you very chilly as you zoom down the other
>> side.  Synthetics absorb almost no water, so you stay comfortable
>> on the downhill ride.

> How does the amount of water absorbed matter?

> I mean, if the shirt doesn't absorb it, it will stay on your body
> and be dripping, right?

Two points.  The random size of cotton fibers make them denser pack
than a synthetic fiber cloth and these fine interstices hold water
more securely and wick more poorly than a synthetics.  What is less
obvious, because knit-wear vanished overnight, is that old knit-wear
jerseys dried rapidly, being sufficiently loosely woven (knitted) and
were cool and warm enough to have a great following among people who
noticed such things.  That is one of the attractions of wool although
it has other negative characteristics.

Today, knit-wear is gone because it cannot be printed on to carry a
dozen sponsors labels.  Knit-wear had to be embroidered and that is
why there was so little advertising on these jerseys.  When woven,
printable jerseys came along, riders were derided as "Jersey Pro's"
affecting a professional appearance without substance.  Just the same,
the money was in the Jersey Pro's charge card, not the knit-wear
folks' and now that's all we have.  Besides, we are in the age of
appearances as we see with the big black "car" syndrome.  The UCI also
rescinded their prohibition on displaying brand names of businesses
that did not sponsor the rider.  That was in the black shorts/white
socks era.

long zippers in the front of these flopping non-aerodynamic jerseys
are there for good reason.  THey must be opened when climbing hills in
warm weather for cooling because almost no air penetrates these shirts
compared to knit-wear.  It is obvious that long zippers were available
but never used on knitted jerseys because they did not need them.  I
am still wearing that old stuff, not because it looks right but
because I never think of unzipping it in summer or winter... except to
put it on or take it off.


Jobst Brandt

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