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Subject: Re: Repair cyclometer? ...Nothing registers
Message-ID: <geqwc.15241$>
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 20:41:48 GMT

Keith Vetter writes:

>>> I have an old Avocet cyclometer that has been beat up but has
>>> always worked.

>> The problem could be a bad connection at the pickup (those are
>> plug-ins) and corrosion of the contact pins on the instrument.
>> It's best to put some grease on the pins after cleaning them.  That
>> way they won't corrode so fast again their plating probably being
>> worn off.

> Do you have a suggestion as to how best cleans those pins? I have an
> old Avocet 50 that I treasure. I've replaced the mount several times
> but the connection is flaky--I have to twist it until it connects
> well then I don't dare touch it.

As I said, grease the contacts after shining them up, preferably with
nothing more than a rag and Bon Ami cleanser.  This is important
because Bon Ami, unlike most household cleansers, is not made of
"diamond" dust and doesn't scratch.  It is essentially the product
Corning Ware furnishes for cleaning their products.

Also take a small probe and bend the contact tabs in the handlebar
mount to have a higher profile.  That is usually not the problem but
rather one of contact pin corrosion.

Jobst Brandt

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