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Subject: Re: does anyone know how to remove rust from a bike?
Message-ID: <nBtAa.17019$>
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 19:06:59 GMT

Donald Gillies writes:

>> For the components, I would just use fine steel wool and some kind
>> of metal cleaner like Brasso.  From the frame, it's a little
>> harder, because anything that's going to remove the rust will also
>> probably act on the paint as well.

> BAD ADVICE.  I believe that steel wool will scratch most chrome on a
> bike.  Apparently, if you purchase "brass wool" it will not scratch
> the chrome (i guess the brass is software than the chrome / nickel /
> copper that comprises most "chrome' plating used on bicycles.)

What's this apparently stuff?  Brass wool will not remove rust worth a
damn, but it will transfer brass onto steel parts.  Brasso is a fine
enough abrasive to polish metals to a high luster.  If it's chromed
parts that need to be shined, you can use Bon Ami cleanser that will
not scratch chrome... or many other household products.  Ajax is the
most destructive cleanser.  Don't use it on anything you value.

Jobst Brandt
Palo Alto CA

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