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From: Kevin O'Brien <>
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.homebuilt
Subject: Re: How did the RV-6 spin??
Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 23:59:40 -0400

In article <lNnR4.42860$>,
BAFRANK@**SpamBlock** wrote:

> Before getting into vacation sightseeing in the canyons at least a good
> book on mountain flying is in order. Better yet, a long-weekend course
> in mountain flying.

One of the rags (Private Pilot, maybe?) reviewed three or four books on
mountain flying side-by-side last year, AND talked with the instructors
who wrote them. Great stuff. I was absolutely floored because the rags
never comparison-test ANYTHING but evidently no one told this writer and
she (or he?) wrote a useful book review. I wound up buying all but one
of the books (I don't buy anything in the 'McGraw-Hill Practical Flying
Series' any more because the GD charts and illustrations are so poorly
printed as to be illegible. There's no excuse for the crappy job they
do. Their editors should be shot in the gloaming and left for carrion).

The best book is probably Sparky Imeson's _Mountain_Flying_. You can get
it at Amazon. There is also a Mountain Flying magazine. My buddy got it
when we were going to the Andean Ridge countries a lot.

F.E. Potts's book on bush flying is mandatory for anybody interested in
getting off the beaten track. Available in the popular tree-bark
edition, and also (complete!) on his website.

It is a part of net history, as it is generally agreed to be the first
complete book made available on the web.



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