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From: Brett Buck <>
Subject: Re: Epoxy, carbon fiber, Microwaves and the neighbors poodle
Date: 09 Mar 1999
Newsgroups: rec.models.rockets

Steve Bloom wrote:

> Last night I retrieved a freezer batch for a launch lug and let it sit for a
> few minutes until I was ready for it.  I added some carbon fiber for
> strenght and mixed it up.  It was still a little cold so the batch was
> getting too stiff with the filler.  I popped it in the microwave for the
> usual 8 seconds and hit the go button.  As I turned to look at the TV Eric
> said, "Uh dad?" and pointed to the microwave oven which was glowing orange.
> I looked inside and the cup was engulfed in flames.

    Funny you should mention this - a model airplane buddy of mine
related a nearly identical story to me just this Saturday! Seems he had
a stunt plane engine cowl all neatly carved and was in the finishing
process and wanted to speed it up a bit. He had done the usual graphite
finish, using nitrate dope to adhere .2 oz/square yd. graphite mat to
his balsa cowl. Stuck it in the microwave to gas it off a little faster,
and before he was able to hit the stop button, it had been almost
completely immolated.

     Easy enough mistake to make, you say? Even harder if, like him, you
are a microwave transmitter engineer!


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