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From: (Badwater Bill)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.homebuilt
Subject: Re: A great Philosophy!
Date: Sun, 04 Jun 2000 14:41:59 GMT

>BWB has it right.

You bet I'm right. You mention that EPA assumes an effect from one
fiber of asbestos.  This is true.  They assume a health risk from
breathing on atom of radon or benzene too.  It's called the "Linear
Non Threshold Model."  EPA uses it because it keeps them in business
and scares the public into continued funding of the Mafioso bastards.
Here's how it works.

Assume I go out in the sun here today with my shirt off.  I stay out
eight hours with no protection and I get hospitalized for sunburn,
need skin grafts etc.  Now lets assume I stay out 12 hours and die.
These are real effects at large acute exposures and they are somewhat
linear.  This means if I double my time in the sun I'll double the
damage.  So, what the glorious EPA does is say, "The effects of eight
hours in the sun for one person is the same as the effects of one hour
of sun to eight people."  Or:  "The cumulative effects on one person
of eight hours of exposure is the same as eight separate exposures of
one hours each."

You know that isn't right.  But that's what they do.  It gets worse.
The EPA goes on to say that 1/100th of an hour in the sun for 800
people causes the same long term effects as one hour in the sun for
one person.  What they do is extrapolate all doses, including
radiation from nuclear sources down to infinitesimal levels where the
natural healing mechanisms of your body work real well but are

You know damn well that 1/100 of an hour in the sun (less than a
minute) causes no damage at all that isn't healed by the bodies own
healing mechanisms.  Same with ionizing radiation from nuclear
sources.  IT's always been here.  We evolved with it and of all the
things in our environment it's the one thing I've found that the body
is completely capable of dealing with and healing from any small dose.
There are hundreds of mechanisms on the cellular level that heal DNA
strand breaks from radiation exposure, chemical imbalances, etc.

It's the large acute doses that get you.  The effects are linear too.
But to there is no measurable effect of whole body radiation below
about 40 rem or 40,000 mrem to keep the units the same.  So, why does
the EPA regulate at levels down to 0.1 mrem for the dose from a
nuclear facility  IN A WHOLE YEAR?

They do it because they can.  We can measure that level very
accurately.  In fact we can measure about 10,000 better or lower than
that level with complete accuracy.  So, they regulate down there.
They cost all of society billions of dollars on nothing.  Money that
could go to space research, aeronautics, better education, health care
and an better way of life.  It's wasted down a rat hole and society
gets nothing for it.  That's your wonderful EPA folks.  If anyone on
the inside raises these questions they are silenced or fired.  I'm
living proof.

For 25 years the EPA tried to hire a board certified health physicist
(CHP) to work in the nuclear weapons program.  They couldn't because
CHP's were making about three times more money than the government
could pay.  So, they hired them on contract and paid them big bucks.
Then they got the brilliant idea to take a lifer like me and retread
me.  I went back to school in Seattle at the U of W for three years
and took all the coursework enabling me to pass the stiff national
certification exams.  I passed.  The trouble is, I got too smart in
the process.  When I got educated I could see all the bull shit that
EPA was pulling.  They decided I was a time bomb and gave me the rest
of my life off because of my bad back.  Funny that I had a bad back
for years before they decided to fire me.  Funny that I didn't ask for
the rest of my life off.  It never even occurred to me.  But, it
occurred to them.  I was just raising too many questions.   And they
knew I was right.  From radon, to asbestos to benzene to laser safety,
I was a thorn and I was dangerous because I was a family member of the
EPA mob.  I was too bright for my own britches so they fired me with
pay...another thing that costs society money for as long as I live.

I could write a book about it.  But, I'm seriously worried that they
might assassinate me.  I really am.  I really think they are that
crooked, and I know the players.  I'm not bull shiting here either.
These bastards have my respect.  They are dangerous.


From: (Badwater Bill)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.homebuilt
Subject: Re: A great Philosophy!
Date: Sun, 04 Jun 2000 14:02:16 GMT

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000 23:05:04 -0500, "greg arnold" <>

>And lets not forget Asbestos.
Amen!  You are dead on.  In the radioactivity arena you can measure
one nucleus decaying.  That means you can measure down to about one
part in 10 to the 20th where chemistry techniques at best are about
one part in 10 to the 12th.  So what do the legislators do?  They make
laws down at that level.  A primary example is the NESHAPS (national
emission standards for hazardous air pollutants).  I think it's 10 CFR
141 (my memory is getting worse however).  Here the maximum dose a
resident can receive from any facility like a nuclear reactor or fuel
reprocessing plant etc. is 10 millirem annually.  That's 0.0217 mrem a
day.  Hell, you get 1 mrem a day just walking around on the surface of
the Earth from cosmic, the terrestrial component and your own body.
It's ALL RADIOACTIVE.  Not only that, the EPA mafia goes on in the
NESHAPS to state if any facility is projected to emit  1% of that
standard then they need constant stack monitoring (an expenditure of
hundreds of thousands of dollars).  1% of the standard is 0.1 mrem a

Jesus fucking Christ.  An astronaut gets 140 mrem a day in LEO (low
Earth orbit).  You get 200 mrem per shot at the dentist and you always
get FOUR bite-wings.  I have herniated disks in my back.  The bastards
shoot me every year with about 6 lower back x-rays at 1000 mrem each.
A normal CAT SCAN is 8000 mrem and they always do two, one with no
contrast and one with iodine in you for contrast.  So, go get a CAT
SCAN and you get 16,000 mrem.  That's 160,000 times more dose than the
NESHAPS regulates power plants at and costs all of society billions of
dollars to comply.

It's worse than that too.  In order to "figure" that 0.1 mrem dose
they run a program called "Comply"  or PC-AIRDOSE.  That program
assumes a civilian lives at the plant boundary, drinks all of their
water from an open tributary, wears no clothes and sleeps outside  so
there is no shielding.  They eat all of their food from a garden they
grow at the plant boundary and so on.  It's the worst case scenario.
It also doesn't take into consideration the particle size of the
emission.  All particles above about 5 microns are trapped in the
nasal pharyngeal region and you end up swallowing them which reduces
the whole body dose to an ingestion problem and is about 10 to the
minus 5th lower than anything that makes it down to the deep pulmonary
region of the lung.

It's all a con.  I wrote letters when I was in EPA offering to rewrite
the model for them.  The ORP told me that the guy who wrote the model
no longer worked for the agency and they only had a compiled version
of the FORTRAN code, not the source code.  I spelled out to them that
the program considered everything a gas which could reach the lower
sections of the lung and that it over estimated dose by many orders of
magnitude.   They ignored me as if I were a thorn.  They were making
gobs of money on the deal and I'm actually lucky I was not
assassinated...I'm not kidding.


From: (Badwater Bill)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.homebuilt
Subject: Re: A great Philosophy!
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 16:59:03 GMT

>Will it change anything?
>Do you really think that Joe-Six-Pack, a product of the public school system,
>fed liberal pablum all his adult life, will actually read Bill's book,
>comprehend it, and rise up in enough numbers to cause something to happen?
>These are the same people who are completely unaware of the immense damage
>done to freedom and liberty by the so-called 'war on drugs'.  These are the
>same people who can be counted upon to pull the 'yes' lever anytime any
>federal agency utters the word 'safety'.
>Bill, I think you can have a greater impact praying for global thermonuclear
>war than writing this book. I learned a long time ago that if you beat your
>fist against a brick wall, all you get is a bloody fist.
>Enjoy your retirement Bill, you've earned it.
>Best Regards,
>Dave Barnhart

Thanks Dave.  I just spent two hours writing up a couple real
interesting stories about two phonies with phony Ph.D.'s I had to deal
with. I deleted the whole thing for many's the gist of

One was a CIA degree and the other was a guy who was my boss for three
years from Columbia Pacific University, a one room office diploma-mill
in San Rafel Ca.  The holder of this illustrious unacredited degree
was my boss for three years while I supervised 15 real Ph.D.'s.   He
claimed to have a Nuclear Engineering Degree from COLUMBIA......he
just always seemed to leave off the "Pacific" part...wonder why.

The other was a phony CIA M.S. in nuclear engineering.
This phoney asked me once on the way to the Nevada Test Site what the
difference between an Alpha, Beta and Gamma ray was.  I just about
died on the spot.  Even a B.S. in Nuc-E would know that on his death
bed after a massive stroke  resulting in a catatonic state.  This
moron was our lab director, over some 500 people.  This was what EPA
was all about when you got to the upper levels in my world.

In 1976 a bunch of CIA losers moved over to EPA...a new agency with
plenty of room to move up and bilk the US government with high salarys
quickly through the SES program (Senior Executive Service).  William
Ruckleshouse (sp) was the new administrator but by the time this CIA
trash moved in, even Bill had enough.  It got worse.  In 1979 the CIA
had some big RIFFS.  The dead wood migrated over to EPA and became
managers at EPA in DC.  Most were technical idiots.  Those who
couldn't cut it in DC  either technically or managerially were banned
and ejected to remote field positions at the edge of the frontier...
like Las Vegas.  We had one come in and was our lab director.  He
spoke Russian fluently and had been on assignment to the US embasy in
the Soviet Union ten years earlier.

His credentials checked out too.  The CIA can fake any real university
degrees they want.  But the guy was so stupid he blew his cover by
asking that alpha, beta, gamma question.

This was just the tip if the iceberg.  I could write for days and not
even scratch a pimple on the ass of a flee with what I really know
about this fucked up agency.


From: (Badwater Bill)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.homebuilt
Subject: Re: I hate homebuilders
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 12:27:40 GMT

>I sympathize with your back problems.  I can send you my sordid details,
>too, if you care (I don't care to waste everybody's time here).  Suffice
>it to say that it sucks to be young with back problems.
>I question your claim that what they did was illegal.  If they require a
>full-time program manager, and because of disability you cannot work full
>time, then it seems reasonable for them to conclude that you don't meet
>the position's requirements.  How is discharging you under a partial
>disability illegal in this case?
>Russell Kent

Becuase is was due to an on-the-job injury.  And the "needing" me full
time was a lie.  I can prove that.  They abolished my position 4
months later which proved it.

What actually happened was that I was burned out on the pain and had
simply come to the end of my rope.  The "sitting" position just killed
me.  And, what do high level government people do?  They go to
meetings all day long.  They live on airliners too.  I took about 6
weeks off and found that my back improved because I wasn't irritating
it everyday in the "sitting" position.  When the nuke testing program
terminated I asked them for a year off leave without my see if my back would get better.  They wrote me a letter
telling me they needed me 8 hours a day.  I asked them to meet me half
way and let me work 4 hours a day (at my expense)  and they set that
trap up for me which resulted in my termination.  So, that's the
complete story.  I didn't ask for any disability.  I simply asked for
a year off.  When they wouldn't give it to me I asked them to work
half time.  They could have accomodated that. But they didn't.

It's okay.  In retrospect I look back at that project and it's for
geriatrics.  There's no radiation excaping the Nevada Test Site.  All
the environmental samples yield zeros when they do the lab analysis
because there's no source anymore with no testing.  It's all over.
I'm glad at this point that it happened the way it did...but at the
time I was madder than hell.  In fact when I think of it in depth I
still am madder than hell.  After nearly 25 years of service some new
pricks came in and put many of the older guys out to pasture so they
could promote themselves.


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